When I started working with my scroll saw I used the typical patterns you can get in Germany: snowmen, funny garden figures or wooden flower pots. After a while, when all the snowmen of the world were standing in our friends gardens I began to look for other patterns. It was then that I discovered that this hobby is much more popular in America than in Germany. The first book I bought was the puzzle book of Dave and Judy Peterson and from that moment on I never wanted to saw garden figures again.

As you can see in the pictures I do love the dragons most, but animal or zodiac puzzles belong to my favourites, too. Sometimes I am asked if I would sell one of my works, but honestly I cannot part with them easily. Perhaps that will change one day, but until then dear people can only get one as a gift.

Now have a look at the pictures below and if you like them we would be pleased if you gave us a comment in our forum.

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  • bild01Walking cat
  • bild02Sitting cat
  • bild03Lovebirds
  • bild04Bobcat
  • bild05Owl with kid
  • bild06Dragon
Dragons and fantasy creatures

  • bild01Padouk
  • bild02Thuja
  • bild03Pear wood & Padouk
  • bild04Bird's eye maple
  • bild05Bubinga
  • bild06Little dragons
  • bild07Chinese dragon
  • bild08Makoré
  • bild09Fighting dragons
  • bild10Phoenix
  • bild11Unicorn
  • bild12Winged unicorn
  • bild13Unicorn cherry wood
... other animals

  • bild01Four cats
  • bild02Moose
  • bild03Owl tree
  • bild04Angelique
  • bild05Koalas
  • bild06Hummingbird
  • bild07Playing cats
  • bild08Squirrel
  • bild09Giraffe
  • bild10Bulldog
  • bild11Mouse
  • bild12Rabbit
Zodiac puzzles

  • bild01Pisces
  • bild02Scales
  • bild03Scorpio ovangkol
  • bild04Scorpio padouk
  • bild05Taurus
  • bild06Capricorns
  • bild07Aries

  • bild01Tiger
  • bild02Giraffe
  • bild03Elephant
  • bild04Wolf
  • bild05Howling Wolf
  • bild06Bear